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Together, we make bidding better

Platform benefits

For property owners, managers, and service providers

Show others you are fair and objective
Strengthen your reputation
Generate new customer opportunities
Manage all bids from a central location
Streamline the entire bidding process
Engage all parties involved from start to finish
Shorten the decision making process
Review bids side-by-side
Reduce change orders through Price Guarantee
Award bids with the click of a button
Refine scope of work through Scope Q&A
Build trust
Access bid history
Create an inclusive environment

How it works

We revolutionize the bidding process in 6 simple steps


Create bid request, add scope and deadline, invite bidders and decision makers.



Invited bidders receive an email notification and can accept or decline the bid request.



Bidders can anonymously participate in Scope Q&A by asking questions to clarify the scope, leading to apples-to-apples bidding.



Bidders assemble their bid by uploading documents to our sealed platform.



Submitted bids are sealed until all bids are received or the deadline expires. Once all bids are in, we unseal the bids and reveal bid details.



Review submitted bids side-by-side and pick your winner with the click of a button.

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