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Reinvent the process of bidding work

Industry leading tools in an easy-to-use platform give everyone the chance to bid with confidence, gain exposure, and earn more work.

Solutions-based features

Scope Building

A clear scope of work results in apples to apples bidding. Share important documents and answer questions quickly in Scope Q&A.
Reduce change orders.

User Permissions

Customize user permissions at every level. Decide who can invite users, work on specific properties, and make key decisions on bids.
Total control from start to finish.

Sealed Bidding

Sealed bidding is the foundation of a fair and objective bidding process. When the deadline expires, unsealed bids are reviewed side by side and decision makers can make an informed decison.
Transparency wins.

Price Guarantee

Price Guarantee gives transparent Service Providers the opportunity to strengthen their bid by commiting to a price, based on a clearly defined scope.
Award bids with confidence.

Simplify your workflow